As a team we focus on communicating with DPs and Directors to provide something more than high altitude vistas of a landscape. It is our goal to find ways to help tell the story with low altitude, close proximity, and camera movement, while maintaining the highest level of safety and professionalism.

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All the birds that we put in the air are custom built RC multirotor camera platforms built and piloted by Maxwell Tubman in the Steam Machine shop. They are built for specific payload requirements and environmental factors and are rigorously tested to make sure they deliver the highest performance possible.

At the head of our fleet we have an X8 configuration built for heavy lifting with a wide performance envelope. Our X8 is mostly used to carry a Freefly M15 gimbal with a 10-14 pound camera package. The M15 gives the camera operator full 3-axis control and allows us to offer lens control as well as HD video downlink. Our X8 is not only capable of achieving “high wides” from an elevated vantage but also designed to move quickly at a low altitude or climb at an impressive rate. The X8 can also be configured for lite weight gimbals and camera packages.

For special application such as use as an on-screen prop, special f/x, or flying in situations where space is limited we are able to build together custom UAVs to suit the needs of the work at hand.


  • What cameras can you fly? We are able to fly GoPros, HDSLRs Red Epic, Alexa Mini, Sony F5, and Sony F55, and pretty much anything in between. Our camera payload capacity of 15lbs.
  • How long can you stay in the air? Our flight times range from about 12 minutes to about 20 minutes, the weight of the camera payload determines how long we are able to stay in the air.
  • We need a shot that would require you to fly down a busy street, can you do that? As long as we have control of the setting we are able to fly down it. We will not fly over or near non-participating vehicle or persons. We are always more than happy to work with locations departments as well as law enforcement employed by the production to ensure that this is an achievable goal. Safety is the number one priority in all of our work and the Pilot in command has final word on what is and isn’t safe to fly.
  • What does UAV mean? UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which is what we fly. Technically the multirotors that we fly are not drones because they do not utilize autonomous flight.