Pilot: Maxwell Tubman
Gimbal Ops: Dan Sheats, Clay Hereth
Titles: Philthy Soft Pretzels
Cameras: Panasonic GH2, Panasonic GH4, Canon 5D, Canon C300, RED Epic

Pilchuck Glass School Spring of 2015 I had the pleasure of working with some glassblowers at the Pilchuck School of glass. While I was spending some time there I used a small custom built UAV to capture some images using the Gopro Hero 4 Camera. This reel is a good reference for our smaller UAV capabilities.
Long Lens Test Part of the many hours of behind the scenes work that goes into Steam Machine Aerial is rigorus testing in both cameras and aerial platforms. In this video we took a day to see what kind of results we can get with longer focal length lenses. Typically on moving cameras you tend to stay at a wide or medium focal length. Here we use a C100 and various focal lengths up to 85mm.
Real Estate Examples These are some examples of shooting real-estate on a Panasonic GH2. Anyone can get you a high and wide shot, Steam Machine offers dynamic camera movement in a 2 person team. The Pilot and Camera operator must work together to get shots that focus on movement, framing and timing, using foreground elements to reveal the subject or setting.
Mural Arts Philadelphia In 2014 and '15 we worked with a number production companies to help capture the Murals of Philadelphia for the Mural Arts Program. This is an example of using low altitude aerials to accomplish the goal of showing off some of Philadelphia's amazing public artwork in ways never before possible.
Alpha House Special F/X In 2014 Steam Machine Pictures was hired to make on camera prop drones for the show Alpha House starting John Goodman on Amazon Prime. Max Tubman built 25 Prop drones for various scenes, all put 3 were destroyed for the show. We built the drones but did not come up for the script for what they say, be warned, they have a "colorful" vocabulary. We also did some filming for the season finally filming with a RED Epic and Cook S4 Lenses.